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[movies]Générique - EVERYBODYS
EVERYBODYS presents the performance "Générique" at DWIGO festival, Ausland, Berlin 14.12.08
Keywords: performance; artist talk; collective fiction; open source; audience participation
Downloads: 105
[audio]Radio Event No. 18: Radio Free Music Day
On November 7, 1971, between the hours of 2 PM and 4 PM, as part of its genre defying, groundbreaking Radio Event series, KPFA invited the public to play music live on the radio. The KPFA mobile bus was at a park in downtown Berkeley California where the listening public, and anybody else in the area, was asked to bring sound making devices of any sort and to play them in front of the KPFA mics. Foghorns, tympani, license plates, gongs, saxophones, guitars, and garbage cans were all welcome...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event Series; Audience Participation; Field Recordings
Downloads: 187
[audio]Radio Event No. 23: Chrysanthemum Chameleon
One in a series of groundbreaking, audience participatory, Radio Events, produced by KPFA in Berkeley California. In this, the 23rd program in the series, Alex Dea and a group of 25 singers, invited the listening audience of KPFA to come to the studio, or gather at their home with friends and with the radio on, and join them in an evening of meditative chanting. In “Piece I” everyone was instructed to sing at their lowest note and gradually move to their highest note using any vowel sounds s...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event Series; Interactive Art; Audience Participation
Downloads: 62
[audio]Radio Event No. 14: Armenia Gardenia
Armenia Gardenia” by Charles Amirkhanian, was the 14th program in the groundbreaking Radio Event series, in which audience reactions were incorporated into a live KPFA radio broadcast. This work utilizes short pre-recorded sound events, such as snatches of music or talking, that were then played over the air interspersed with long periods of silence. Amirkhanian then waited for listeners to call into the station to inquire as to the nature of the broadcast in progress...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event series; Interactive Art; Inter-Media Art; Audience Participation
Downloads: 74
[audio]Radio Event No. 2: No Soap, Radio
This is the second in a series of groundbreaking, participatory, radio programs produced by KPFA. In this program, recorded on October 31, 1969, Berkeley California sculptor, Peter Veres, invited listeners to take part in a do-it-yourself Halloween Brindle Party, a self-proclaimed Witches’ Sabbath, all through the magic of the radio air waves. (What’s a Brindle you ask, why it's the opposite of a Mugwamp of course.) Prior to the actual event, subscribers to the KPFA program guide were encour...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event series; Inter-Media; Visual Art; Interactive Art; Audience Participation
Downloads: 115
[texts]ERIC ED223382: Making Effective Workshops Happen. Camp Administration Series. - ERIC
Intended for trainers or workshop planners, the guide provides information and suggestions for planning and conducting an effective workshop. Although an awareness workshop on serving disabled campers is used to illustrate the material, the procedures apply to all types of workshops, ranging from awareness workshops to managerials. The guide will help trainers or workshop planners to: choose a title for the workshop that will encourage attendance; provide information on the types of content, act...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Administrator Education; Audience Participation; Camping; Disabilities; Learning Activities; Outdoor Education; Training Methods; Workshops
Downloads: 1
[audio]Radio Event No. 7: Junk and All that Jazz
A lengthy aural montage of interviews and monologues on the topic of “junk” mixed with snippets of jazz music and live in-studio chatter and listener phone calls to KPFA. Under the direction of composer Anthony Gnazzo, his text-sound composition was played on the radio during one of KPFA’s groundbreaking listener participatory Radio Events. Chaotic and fun, this sort of adventurous and experimental programing was typical of the anarchistic artistic world that was Berkeley during the late 1...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event series; Sound Poetry; Inter-Media; Visual Art; Audience Participation
Downloads: 256
[audio]Radio Event No. 4: DD
Stanley Lunetta, editor of the avant-garde music periodical “Source”, invited the listening audience to participate at home as part of KPFA’s groundbreaking, interactive, participatory, Radio Event series. Using a graphic score and list of instructions published in the December 1969 KPFA Folio, or program guide, audience members were encouraged to listen to various programs on KPFA while altering the settings of their radios...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event series; Inter-Media; Visual Art; Interactive Art; Electronic Music; Audience Participation
Downloads: 80
[audio]Radio Event No. 9: Boiling Water
One in a series of groundbreaking, audience participatory, Radio Events, produced by KPFA in Berkeley California. This program, entitled “Boiling Water” was created by Philip Corner in conjunction with Charles Amirkhanian and his wife Carol Law. In order to participate, the audience was encouraged to listen to the radio while standing near the stove. The general idea was to have the audience boil some water and make some tea, or some other warm beverage, in concert with the two on-air person...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event series; Interactive Art; Inter-Media Art; Audience Participation
Downloads: 72
[audio]Radio Event: No. 1 Radio Caress
This is the first in a series of programs produced by KPFA's Music Department in which artists from various disciplines were asked to take any amount of air time and get the audience to respond physically to the audio broadcast instead of just being passive listeners. While the events can be enjoyed as auditory soundscapes the primary purpose was to produce "event art" or "happenings", with the listeners as active participants...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event series; Inter-Media art; Interactive art; Audience participation; Soundscapes
Downloads: 87
[texts]ERIC ED276067: The Enthymeme and Contemporary Film Criticism. - ERIC
Aristotle's "Rhetoric" offers a model for applying the concept of the enthymeme to the work of film scholars to understand the role of the audience. Used from an analytic perspective, enthymemes emphasize audience reaction to a film, with the focus on how the film is seen, not on how it was made. Applying viewing skills to a sample of narrative films can demonstrate how the speaker and the audience jointly produce enthymemes...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audience Participation; Communication (Thought Transfer); Film Criticism; Films; Literary Criticism; Persuasive Discourse; Rhetorical Criticism
Downloads: 7
[texts]ERIC ED294780: Perspectives on the American Audience for Art Museums: A Research Monograph Based on the 1985 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts. Revised Edition. - ERIC
This monograph utilizes data from the 1985 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts (SPPA '85) to explore the audience composition of United States art museums and galleries. Part 1 focuses on: (1) demographic variables affecting U.S. adult attendance rates; (2) a comparison of the SPPA '85 research data and the 1984 "Americans and the Arts" studies; and (3) a comparison of United States, Great Britain, France, Sweden, and Canada (Quebec) attendance patterns...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Art; Arts Centers; Audience Analysis; Audience Participation; Audiences; Data Interpretation; Museums; Surveys
Downloads: 4
[audio]nauseacast #18 - south by southwest - arfortiyef
half an hour of freeform music programming
Keywords: freeform; avant-garde; psychedelic; industrial; indie rock; pop; metal; covers; live; surf; early prog; jam; audience participation; african; world; eclectic
Downloads: 673
[texts]ERIC ED362710: Literacy Drama: Using Plays in Adult Literacy Education. - ERIC
This document contains a trilogy of one-act plays, three multiple-act plays, and guidelines for using drama in adult literacy education classes. The background of the plays' development is outlined in a brief introductory section. Ideas provided for using drama in literacy education are procedures for conducting readings, suggestions for assigning characters, public performances, methods of speaking lines, and suggestions for constructing sets...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Basic Education; Adult Reading Programs; Audience Participation; Drama; Instructional Materials; Learning Activities; Literacy Education
Downloads: 7
[texts]ERIC ED288756: Public Participation in Classical Ballet: A Special Analysis of the Ballet Data Collected in the 1982 and 1985 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts. - ERIC
The 1982 and 1985 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts (SPPA) produced a national audience profile for classical ballet and explored factors that predispose participation in this art form. This monograph analyzed data from these surveys in terms of: (1) audience size and composition for live ballet performances; (2) television's role in exposing the public to ballet; (3) childhood socialization experiences that tend to encourage adult participation; (4) music preferences as they relate to ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audience Analysis; Audience Participation; Audiences; Dance; Data Analysis; Data Interpretation; Interest Research; Participant Characteristics; Performance; Television; Theater Arts
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED312199: Socialization and Participation in the Arts. Research Division Report #21. - ERIC
While the capacity to recognize and appreciate beauty may be inborn in all of us, participation in the arts as an audience or artist usually involves a learning process. What is the relationship between childhood and early adult experiences with the arts and later participation? In 1982, with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Census Bureau conducted a "Survey of Public Participation in the Arts" (SPPA) to gather preliminary information...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Art Activities; Art Appreciation; Audience Analysis; Audience Participation; Fine Arts; Music Appreciation; Social Sciences; Social Theories; Socialization; Surveys; Theater Arts
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED378105: Arts Participation in America: 1982-1992. Research Division Report #27. - ERIC
This document presents an analysis of the 1992 nationwide Survey of Public Participation in the Arts (SPPA), conducted by the U.S. Bureau of the Census for the National Endowment for the Arts. Data were collected in household surveys. Respondents were part of a larger continuously rotating panel of adults who were interviewed monthly either by phone or face to face in their homes. Total sample size was 12,736...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adults; Attitude Measures; Audience Participation; Audiences; Films; Fine Arts; Mass Media Use; National Surveys; Radio; Social Science Research; Statistical Studies; Tables (Data); Television Viewing; Theater Arts
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED283768: Socialization in the Arts. - ERIC
Socialization is a process by which children learn the attitudes and orientations that will guide their behavior as adults. The analyses described in this report use this socialization model as a basis for describing the relationship between childhood and early adult arts-related experiences and current arts-related leisure participation. Three basic areas are analyzed using data collected in the 1982 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts (SPPA): (1) the patterns of socialization; (2) the r...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Art Activities; Art Appreciation; Audience Analysis; Audience Participation; Fine Arts; Modeling (Psychology); Music Education; Social Sciences; Social Theories; Socialization; Theater Arts
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED312718: The Appeal of Soap Opera. - ERIC
This paper provides a framework for developing an approach to understanding soap opera's appeal as a direct function of both the genre's form and of its fans' viewing behavior. The paper suggests that while this analysis is largely critical, other studies from both critical and social scientific approaches can be based upon the framework and assumptions developed here. The paper is divided into the following sections: (1) a relational approach to understanding television viewing; (2) the dramati...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audience Awareness; Audience Participation; Audience Response; Mass Media Use; Popular Culture; Programing (Broadcast); Soap Operas; Television Research; Television Viewing
Downloads: 7
[texts]ERIC ED290674: Public Participation in the Arts via the Media. - ERIC
This report examined media audiences for the arts using data gathered in the Survey of Public Participation in the Arts (SPA) covering approximately 18,000 U.S. adults in 1982 and 16,000 adults in 1985. The SPA questionnaire covers the use of television, radio, and recordings as a means to participate in seven particular arts activities, which include jazz music, classical music, opera, musical stage plays or operettas, non-musical stage plays, ballet, and the collections of art museums or galle...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Art Appreciation; Audience Participation; Audiences; Cultural Activities; Dance; Drama; Fine Arts; Mass Media; Media Research; Music; Participant Characteristics; Radio; Television; Theater Arts; Visual Arts
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED340049: Communication Problems in a Mass Society: Mass Audience, Mass Communication and Development. - ERIC
This paper examines the problem of how to reconcile the practical realities of the nature of the mass audience with the demands of personal and social development, particularly in Africa and other Third World Countries, where the demands of modernization have confronted traditional norms and values. After defining and clarifying key concepts such as development, communication, mass communication, mass society, mass audience, and types of audience participation, the paper explores the relationshi...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Agenda Setting; Audience Participation; Communication Research; Developing Nations; Development Communication; Foreign Countries; Information Dissemination; Mass Media Effects; Popular Culture
Downloads: 12
[texts]philippa-law-thesis-2013 - Philippa Law
Audiences' willingness to participate in welsh-language mediaPhilippa LawPhD thesis, 2013Queen Mary, University of London Abstract: Contemporary media audiences expect to be able to interact with content, but in a minority language context, audience participation presents challenges related to audiences' linguistic confidence. This thesis focuses on Wales, where media producers have suggested that audiences are often reluctant to interact with broadcast and online content in Welsh...
Keywords: audience participation; Welsh; sociolinguistics; psychology; media; radio; television; online; minority language media; language maintenance; communication apprehension; communicative competence; willingness to participate
Downloads: 154
[texts]ERIC ED362919: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (76th, Kansas City, Missouri, August 11-14, l993). Part VII: Politics and Mass Media. - ERIC
The Politics and Mass Media section of this collection of conference presentations contains the following 13 papers: "The 1992 Presidential Debates: A Cognigraphic View" (Richard F. Carter and Keith R. Stamm); "Moving to the Front of the Bus?: Network Coverage of the Invisible Primaries during the 1988 and 1992 Elections" (Thomas J. Johnson and Joe Foote); "Information Presentation and Issue Salience: Their Relationships with Voter Decision-Making Strategies" (David Domke and Dhavan Shah); "Prin...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audience Participation; Audience Response; Debate; Mass Media Role; Media Research; News Reporting; Political Campaigns; Political Candidates; Political Influences; Political Issues; Presidential Campaigns (United States); Television
Downloads: 61
[texts]ERIC ED361800: The Changing Context for Audience Research. - ERIC
Examining the factors that influence the distribution of technologies in developing countries should provide new possibilities for organizations engaged in international communication and audience research to understand, and respond, to potential audiences. Five critical elements influence the distribution of media technologies in developing societies: (1) population growth and the distribution of that growth; (2) income distribution; (3) development of private commercial media; (4) metropolitan...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audience Analysis; Audience Participation; Case Studies; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; International Communication; International Studies; Mass Media; Mass Media Effects; Media Research; National Surveys; Research Needs
Downloads: 9
[texts]ERIC ED355574: Telling With, Not Telling To: Interactive Storytelling and At-Risk Children. - ERIC
Although the value of reading to children has been well established, the merit of storytelling has only recently been recognized as a powerful means of developing language skills, self-concept, and self-esteem in children. Interactive, or participative storytelling, enables participants to tap into their creativity, enhance their powers of memory, develop their listening and language skills, and reduce their inhibitions about expressing ideas in public...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audience Participation; College Students; Course Descriptions; Elementary School Students; High Risk Students; Higher Education; Instructional Innovation; Preschool Children; Preschool Education; Primary Education; School Community Relationship; Self Esteem; Story Telling
Downloads: 8
[texts]Sponsor (June 1948)

Keywords: radio; sponsor; program; station; advertising; stations; sampling; audience; sales; nbc; acct exec; long island; national spot; radio station; dealer cooperative; audience participation; station representatives; los angeles; garden club; broadcasting company
Downloads: 37
[texts]ERIC ED289760: Survey of Public Participation in the Arts: Musical Theater, Operetta, and Opera Attendees. - ERIC
Research presented in this report focuses on data obtained through the 1982 and 1985 "Survey of Public Participation in the Arts" and relates to musical theater, operetta, and opera attendance. The objectives of this study were to focus on those findings which might help opera or musical theater organizations attract and understand attendees and to present the findings in an accessible and useful format...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Art; Art Activities; Attendance; Attendance Patterns; Audience Analysis; Audience Participation; Audiences; Cultural Activities; Data Analysis; Music; Music Activities; National Surveys; Opera; Participant Characteristics; Participation; Research Reports; Surveys; Theater Arts
Downloads: 3
[audio]Handbook for the New Paradigm Audio - Benevolent Beings
This is a point in the evolution of the planet that brings to the forefront of each individual's thoughts the question of why me, why now, and what is really going on in the reality that is right now in the time we are experiencing. Visit for more downloads.
Keywords: handbook; paradigm; paradigm handbook; haarp; crop circles; alien; benevolent; cosmic plan; days of tribulation; law of attraction; law of allowance; law of balance; law of deliberate intent; victim consciousness; photon belt; light bearers; audience participation
Downloads: 840
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